Wake Up


Wake Up Tool:  Stay Conscious “… Consciousness is critical for making a big change and for creating lasting success. And I’m not just talking about a daily check-in with yourself. Or a weekly journal entry on a chart. I’m talking about actually inhabiting your life, eyes wide open, on every level. Through every moment. I’m talking about deliberately noticing what you are doing. And why. I’m talking about being interested in your life. Curious about yourself. Living your life as though it matters. To you. …” Continue Reading This excerpt was taken from Meadow DeVor’s Article “Stay...

The Weight of Money


Meadow DeVor is one of my favorite coaches.  She challenges you to see the parts of your life you pretend to avoid but actually let control every decision you make and how you feel about your self. This post was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you. Tell The Truth by Meadow DeVor If you want to make a big change. Pay off debt. Build wealth. Lose weight. Start a habit. Or break one. You must understand the difference between lying and telling the truth. I’m not just talking about lying to other people. Or about lying to ourselves. I’m talking about pretending. Faking it. Wishing it was true. Trying to sound optimistic. Looking at the bright side. Acting ‘as if.’ Exaggerating. Minimizing. Fudging. Rounding up. Or down. Bullshitting. Fabricating. Distorting. Spinning. Misrepresenting. Omitting details. Cheating. Being polite. Playing nice. Putting on a smile. Fantasizing....