What is Eating Clean?


Eating Clean is as simple as it can get!! by Our Las Vegas Local Fitness Expert, Mary Ricciardi Certified Trainer & Nutrition Specialist Eat a variety of wholesome, natural foods by combining lean protein with complex carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and whole grains and drink a lot of water! That’s it!! It’s NEVER too late to start to eat this way!! Eating Clean Basic Principles: 1. Eat MORE! Eat Six small meals each day, spaced at two-and a-half to three-hour intervals. 2. Eat BREAKFAST every day, within an hour of rising. 3. Make your last meal two to three hours before bed. 4. Eat a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrates at each meal. 5. Eat sufficient healthy fats every day. 6. Drink two to three liters of water each day (or half your body weight in ounces) 7. Carry a cooler packed with clean foods each day. ( If you are out & about or work out of your...