Las Vegas Kids Activities


Everybody knows that Vegas is a great place for adults.  With gambling, shows, and lots of bars millions of people flock to this desert oasis for a break from day to day stresses.  What people don’t know is that Vegas is also a great place to bring your kids.  Whether you live here or are just visiting I think you’ll be surprised to find all of the fun family friendly things to do.  In fact, there are so many Las Vegas Kids Activities it’s hard to know where to start. Sure, the strip has a plethora of adult only shows and high end restaurants, but almost every hotels also has a tamer side with g-rated shows, toy stores, and exhibits sure to delight people of any age: Treasure Island – This hotel used to be very family friendly with a pirate ship show, however they have revamped their image and focused more on adult entertainment.  For Las Vegas kids activities,...