Making YOU a Priority!


Often, I hear the comment “I just don’t have the time to exercise.”  The answer I usually give is… “Are you ready to make YOU a priority in your life?” So, are you ready?  Often, people think that it takes hours a day to be fit.  Most moms do not put themselves first and they feel like there is no time for exercise in their busy schedules.  But, what if I told you that making yourself a priority is quite a simple task? It may mean that you need to get up in the morning before work just a little bit earlier so that you can go to the gym or do an exercise video or do a work out on your own.  It might be while your baby is asleep that you will make the time for you and do your work out then.  30 minutes a day is plenty of time to get your body fit and become the healthiest version of you! Work smart by switching from cardio exercises to resistance type of exercises for 20 minutes with a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down. If you should have some extra time then do more later on like taking a walk after work or putting your baby in the stroller and walking or jogging to the park or grocery store to pick up dinner! If you are a working mom, find ways throughout your day to move more! Get up often! If you have a desk job try walking over to tell a co-worker something instead of emailing or calling them. If you are on the phone with someone stand up hold your abs in and do leg lifts while they are chatting on and on! Take breaks and go outside and walk around the building. Try adding some walking lunges or do them down the hallway! Your office chair will be great for tricep dips or do a few push ups before your afternoon client! Just a few ideas to stay active throughout your work day… Hey, don’t forget the stairs! Take them always instead of the elevator or escalator! If you are a mom that works at home have a little fun by playing a game with yourself all day long by simply adding in exercise throughout your busy day of taking care of your home and children! If you have stairs, count how many times you have walked or preferably ran up and down the stairs throughout your day. Shoot for 10 times at first and try to add more every day! Laundry is done! Hold the basket with clean clothes in it above your head and do walking lunges to the room where you will fold the clothes, while folding, concentrate on keeping your abs in the entire time and keeping good posture. You can also do this while doing the dishes! When it’s time to bring the laundry basket back to the laundry room skip back or do walking lunges again to the laundry room. During the day while you clean your home and take care of your children stop for 5- 10 minute workout breaks! Do pushups or do tricep dips off of a chair or run up and down the stairs, do squats or hold a plank for 30 seconds to a minute. You get the point. Start to be active throughout your busy day! Get off the couch or the computer chair and get moving! Making YOU a priority will make you a better mom, wife and career woman but mostly it will help you to become the happiest and healthiest version of YOU!! This article was written by our Las Vegas Fitness Expert Mary Ricciardi  CFT SFN Certified Fitness Trainer/ Specialist in Fitness Nutrition