Don’t Talk To Strangers in 2014


What Does Your “Don’t Talk To Strangers” Look Like in 2014? I am almost 40 – yep, not embarrassed to say it.  I think age is a state of mind and an adventure.  When I was 10, I remember some sort of big dog animal character coming to our school and talking  about safety with stickers and bags.  Things like “don’t talk to people you don’t know,”  “don’t get near the car if someone you don’t know is trying to talk to you,”  “don’t take food from someone you don’t know.”  The basics.  I also remember something about a razor blade in Halloween candy on the news at some point in time, but for the most part I was well cared for… I was watched after … I was rarely in a situation where someone could approach me. I also grew up in a big city (mostly) and my mom and dad would warn me about...

Wake Up


Wake Up Tool:  Stay Conscious “… Consciousness is critical for making a big change and for creating lasting success. And I’m not just talking about a daily check-in with yourself. Or a weekly journal entry on a chart. I’m talking about actually inhabiting your life, eyes wide open, on every level. Through every moment. I’m talking about deliberately noticing what you are doing. And why. I’m talking about being interested in your life. Curious about yourself. Living your life as though it matters. To you. …” Continue Reading This excerpt was taken from Meadow DeVor’s Article “Stay...

Radical Action


The most amazing and inspiring information comes from a woman I inherently  trust; Meadow Devor.  Her latest post may inspire you to do something radical: Radical Action by Meadow Devor Once we know the truth, our decision has been made and our target is in focus –  it’s time for our next move. Radical Action. Radical Action is doing anything and everything to jump start the change process. We must become a fanatic. We must be willing to create significant and extreme change. Now. Radical Action means sacrificing more than we ever want to. And working harder than we ever thought possible. It’s about stretching our strength. Our resolve. It’s a memo to the universe that we’re serious. And that we’ll do what it takes. It seals our self-promise in blood. Sweat. Maybe even tears. If we’re not serious about changing, this step will be painful. Maybe even excruciating. It will...